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Professional battery processing custom manufacturer, spot wholesale

  • 01
    Energy saving

    The digital battery adopts a unique foreign technology to ensure 100% leak-proofing during transportation, storage and use, and multiple guarantees.

  • 02
    Imported material

    Environmentally friendly materials are used as the negative electrode active material, which does not contain mercury, cadmium and lead, and is non-toxic and harmless.

  • 03

    Adopt new material formula, low internal consumption, stable voltage and multiple sealing technology, more sufficient power.

  • 04
    Long life

    Adopt advanced energy blocking technology to lock energy without losing, and comprehensively improve battery endurance.

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Years of customization experience, spot wholesale

Has a production team of more than 100 people, 4,000 square meters factory, monthly battery output of 300,000 units, a large number of stocks available for wholesale.


Focus on quality and control details

Chaofutong has always focused on polymer lithium batteries, assembled batteries, quality, imported raw materials from abroad, and has gone through multiple testing procedures. It is green and stable in quality.


Efficient after-sales service, worry-free

After-sales: Establish online consultation, return visit, and complaint center to ensure that feedback issues are handled efficiently.

Fortis production process

Professional battery processing custom manufacturer, spot wholesale

  • Partition

  • Cell test

  • Welding

  • Frame

  • Injection

  • Finished product test

  • Labeling

  • Pick

  • Package

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Shenzhen Chaofutong Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in polymer lithium batteries, bicycle batteries, balanced car batteries, digital batteries, mobile phone business batteries, Bluetooth batteries, DVD battery packs, imported 1865 batteries, aluminum shell batteries, protective plates, and cases The company specializes in the production and processing of aluminum battery cells...

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Shenzhen polymer lithium battery offer

When the battery is charged and discharged, the internal temperature of the battery continues to rise, the gas generated during the activation process expands, the internal pressure of the battery increases